February 4, 2009

Crusty Demons!

Saturday night was by far one of the best nights ever. We were totally blown away by the magic that was Wings Over Wairarapa saying it was the best events we had ever been to, now it has been beaten by the Crusty Demons, held at the Westpac Stadium.

I took the train down into the city earlier that day all alone! Yes, all alone. Why you ask is that special? Well for the first time ever I actually managed to read a WHOLE magazine in peace without a ‘get down’, ‘feet off’ or a ‘don’t do that please’ moment in sight. I met up with Sarah and we had a wonderful afternoon downing a massive amount of wine and catching up on our life news. Gorgeous!

Afterwards there was no escaping the arrival of my two most lovely guys and we headed off for some food first before the show. We ended up at Plate. A little unsure first as to whether we should eat there being that it looked a ‘bit posh’ but we really didn’t want to walk for miles to find somewhere else, and so settled down. We had starters, main courses and *ahem* more wine and all for just over $60…not bad!!

As we approached the Westpac Stadium and you could hear the sound of the crowd, feel the rumble on the ground beneath your feet and you could smell the swirl of excitement that filled the air.

There were people for all walks of life there, plenty of the older rough tough biker dudes who rode proper bikes (you know what I mean Dad!). There were heaps of children there too which was good. We did wonder if we should take Bethany being that it was a bike show that are typically known for their adult themes, and the fact it was on late but we were assured by the ticket people it was a family show and so didn’t really want Bethany to miss out.

Maybe next time though we might not take her. A lot of rude words were used and not only from the commentators but the people in the seats around us. Also plenty of half naked ladies which raised lots of questions – oh and a spanking competition….hmmmm.

Anyway, despite all that the show itself was literally amazing. We were even able to buy booze in the form of Tui in plastic bottles. Made better by the fact I was asked for I.D. when I went to buy them. I couldn’t help but do my usual routine (being usual as I get asked at the supermarket all the time) of shouting as loud as I could how pleased I was and that I was nearly 30 just so everyone could hear. Yeah the girl behind the counter gave me that ‘crazy lady’ look and ushered me on my way.

Bethany also got to meet up with one of her buddies who is the new one in line for marriage. Not too sure his parents know that yet but, well he’s cute and destined for great things. Michael also got to wave at many of his buddies from work. Well I say wave, I mean do the manly thumbs up thing.

With a roar of the engines the show started, the smell of the two stroke brought memories flooding back of the days I rode a bike as a kid and going to endless motorcross days with my parents. These guys were totally mind blowing, flips, hanging upside down, turns, jumps, and even a guy on a BMX who was pushed along by a motorbike resulting in a fantastic flip!

So here is the video. I desperately wanted to leave the sound on so you could hear the engines, but due to running out of space on our new camera I had to revert to the old one which was still in my bag, meaning the sounds was just muffled and basically rubbish.

No doubt You Tube will screw up the viewing pleasure too, but I think you can see just how amazing it was. I had feedback from friends round the other side of Welly that they heard the finale fireworks!

Crusty Demons 2009….lets ride!

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