February 18, 2009

It Ticks All The Right Boxes

Last March we ended up with a small feature in a UK based migration publication called Living Abroad Magazine. Whilst it didn’t lead to us being asked to open supermarkets or having streets named after us, it was a big thing for us.

We were recently asked to be part of it all again, but on a bigger scale this time. We completed an interview with Richard Webber on behalf of Living Abroad magazine, and we are featured in the March edition which is out now! 

The coolest part to the saga was having professional photographer Chris McCarthy follow us around Wellington, taking photos as we walked through the city centre, round the waterfront and through the local parks and reserves – quite surreal really!

An excerpt of the feature called ‘It Ticks All The Right Boxes’ can be seen here on the Living Abroad Website, and if you look closely enough at the magazine cover in the top left, we even get onto the front page!

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