June 25, 2009

Welcome Bailey Dawes!

We had been talking about it for a while and could no longer wait – meet Bailey, our newest SPCA ‘lucky dip’ rescue pup! 

On the way home from the SPCA


Awww too cute!

With starting work we put getting another dog on the back burner, just before I was offered my job we intended to go visit the SPCA that weekend, of course with the new plans that wasn’t going to be possible so it went on hold. I have been at work 5 weeks now and have started to develop a good routine. However Denver spends time at home alone now through the day and I have felt bad about this, Denver has always had me as company – every single day of his life.

So it was time to get him a buddy, a little brother. We went down to the SPCA in Newtown on Sunday morning whilst Bethany was at a birthday party. She didn’t know anything of our plans. We became familiar once again with the place we knew so well from when we adopted Denver in May 2008.

However what a choice! There are so many lovely amazing puppies there – all different breeds, sizes and colours. We spotted BB straight away (BB being his SPCA name, we were told it stood for Baby Boxer!), he attracted our attention because he was just so placid, calm and friendly – and of course had the most crazy dopey eyed look!!

We heard about how he was removed from a home by the police and surrendered to the SPCA, now looking for a new caring home. Even better was how he had just had his snipping and chipping done – perfect! We popped our name down to adopt him and away we went with excitement of his arrival at our home swirling through our heads.

We knew we might have to wait a week to get him, but because we are well known at the SPCA they called and we brought him home on Tuesday!

A surprise for Bethany and Denver, Michael was home and I had collected Bailey alone after I finished work, we had such fun riding the highway whilst he sat in the front with me – he was very calm and confident. I called from the garage and Michael took Bethany and Denver into the bedroom. Michael sent Bethany out first and the look on her face was priceless with screams of ‘Mammy its a puppy!!!’. Then of course came in big dog.


Bailey and his big brother Denver

Food time

Everyone who has ever met Denver knows he can be quite, erm how should I say it…enthusiastic! At just over a year old he now weighs just over 40kgs and still acts like a little boy. He LOVES people and he LOVES dogs even more, its safe to say he can lose himself in the whole excitement of seeing another dog, he has always been like this. So of course we knew that introducing another dog might be hard, however we didn’t need to worry.

Bailey seems to be able to give as good as he gets, although we do have to make sure they get a break, Denver just goes on and on and on with no thought entering his brain that this little fella might need a rest. His size alone means he can be accidentally rough, but like I said Bailey is tough and if he has had enough he runs to one of us and we scoop him up with pleasure!!

Tug of war!!

Who is winning?

The last two nights have been great, night one Denver slept in our room whilst Bailey was put in the kitchen on his new bed surrounded by newspaper (remember he isn’t house trained!). That went well, he cried for 10 minutes but then went to sleep, he had managed to hit the paper every time too!

Last night he didn’t cry at all and didn’t go to the toilet either – perfect!

We have put paper down inside the house and so far if he has needed to go he has gone on it, we are also taking him out into the garden every hour which he loves.

Bailey is a kind little soul, his temperament is just amazing, so soft and gentle. Also brave too, if he hears a noise he will stand bolt upright and investigate, even barking if he feels the need. Good character.


We love you Bailey!

So we are having so much fun! The little guy is settling in well, and over the next few days we will spend some time leaving the boys alone for a while to see how they get on in the hope that in a weeks time they will be firm friends.

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