July 30, 2009

Gravity Canyon Flying Fox!

Ah, the power of a few wines!

On our last night away, over a wine or seven, Michael and Lynn decided they were going to visit Gravity Canyon on the way home and do a tandem bungy jump! Very brave indeed for Lynn who doesn’t like heights! Not the first time for Michael (he did Auckland Harbour Bridge in 2005) so he of course was very excited.

However bad timing on arrival at Mokai Gravity Canyon made it that as we arrived we witnessed someone doing a jump in a pig costume (promotional work for Swine Flu!) and this of course changed Lynn’s mind (and I can’t blame her). So the kind man at the desk recommended the Flying Fox to be the better and more suited option, so they signed up and off they went to get strapped in.

Bethany and I hung back and watched from the viewing platform as Lynn and Michael hurtled past us doing the 1 Kilometre stretch at roughly 160kmph (which is about 100mph)!!!

VERY brave, truly amazing – view the fun here: 

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