August 10, 2009

Settling In

Bailey is really doing well, he has been living with us for 6 weeks now, it does seem much longer than that, but that’s mainly because he has just settled in really well.

We had a few teething troubles with Denver feeling left out, which was only natural and we had been warned about it happening. Denver thought he could now get away with regressing into a puppy again, he also didn’t correct Bailey when he did something he shouldn’t – he just joined in!!

Bailey is a cutie that’s for sure, a very sweet natured little dog. Well, he is little for now although he is piling on the weight really fast, to start with we thought he may might get as big as Denver (who is so far 42kgs!), now I think otherwise!

Bailey and Denver

The only problems we have had with Bailey is chewing and toilet problems. Denver didn’t chew anything as a puppy and we thought our wonderful training and guidance had meant he didn’t need to, more likely he just wasn’t a chewer or Bailey isn’t listening! How Bailey hasn’t killed himself yet by chewing through live cables we will never know, our home right now is a mass of taped over cables and obstacles blocking access to anything dangerous!

Bailey enjoying Bethany's chair

Of course the other thing our home was amass with was number 1’s and 2’s!! We have tried everything to remedy his ‘laziness’. Separating Denver and Bailey by keeping Bailey in the kitchen with only his bed and newspaper has been thwarted many times by massive escaping attempts, coming home time and time again to find him on the sofa.

We would literally turn our home into a newspaper shrine and still he managed to miss every time! And if that wasn’t bad enough he found one nice spot on the carpet where over a few days he worked on his piece of art we liked to call ‘New Zealand’!! (See our actual art work next to it for likeness – seems Bailey has been looking at this for ideas!).

 New Zealand Art, by Bailey Dawes

Needless to say, the carpet cleaning bill, the skirting board repair, the TV stand repair, numerous plant pot replacements and many chewed books later – he has racked up a nifty little fixings bill!

But what can you do…he is just so cute!!

Who's a cute boy?

Nice smile Bailey!

Sleeping with tongue out!

Too cute!!!

Denver and Bailey are inseparable, really they are. They play so well together, to some it would look like the really mean each other harm but to those who know dogs know that they are just playing. They always sleep and cuddle up together, with Denver draping his big arms over Bailey as they sleep. Their favourite place is the late afternoon sun – very nice indeed!

Sleeping in the sun

Life is good here at the Dawes HQ, Denver is his old self again if not more puppy-like than before.  Bethany loves playing with Bailey as he isn’t strong enough to pull her over yet, and the best bit she can walk him without being dragged along. We are happy that Bailey is now starting to get the idea that the toilet area is outside and so far (touch wood everyone!) he hasn’t made any mess in the house for nearly a week. 

Happy dogs, happy family amd happy times. Awesome.

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