October 28, 2009


Well, it happened….I turned 30!!!!

Oh it’s been such a whirlwind of an adventure the last few weeks, ‘preparing myself’ to let go of my 20’s and trying to make positive of some hurtful yet funnily correct comments about heading into middle age has pre-occupied my mind every moment of every day!

The week started off fantastic with a shipment of wine from our gorgeous friends – the Clapham family who are over in the UK. Truly lovely friends who wanted to wish Michael and I both well on our birthdays despite the distance, and of course knowing us as well as they do – wine was more than perfect! So thank you guys, it was an amazing lovely surprise. Picture below of your delivery just for you!

Thank you Claphams!

Followed by that we had even more wine delivered from Michael’s sister Helen, again perfect!!!

It was my actual birthday on Friday, I took a day off work (sensible!) and awoke to a very excited Michael and Bethany (not sure who was more excited) who kept piling the presents onto the bed – what a magical way to be woken! I was truly lucky, I got so many lovely things from my amazing family and friends, precious items that mean so much to me – thank you all. Through the powers of blog-land I had received presents from a beautiful friend called Cathy, she is very special to me and even though we haven’t officially met yet, we feel like we have known each other for years – thank you sweetie. And of course a million thank you’s to my darling daughter and hubby – you guys are my world.

I was called ‘crazy’ and ‘silly’ for spending all day Friday sat on the sofa with a glass of wine and a box of chocolates and watching Trisha on repeat through UKTV….but to me this was absolutely PERFECT.

So either to my credit or my stupidity I decided to have a birthday party, I even decided to theme it! Well why not eh? So with many weeks of planning and few hiccups along the way the day was here. We dropped Bethany off at our friends house (saviours!) and we headed to our hotel on the Saturday afternoon where we would be staying for the evening – the James Cook Hotel. We have stayed there before and the rooms, service and location are just perfect.

Ah so the theme of the party? Well it was a fancy dress, people had to come dressed as something beginning with the first letter of their name. I decided to go as Marilyn Monroe and Michael as a Mechanic. It was a wonderful afternoon of curling my hair, lazing around drinking bubbles and eating a gorgeous meal with my lovely hubby. The transformation was done and we headed off to the venue – which was the Koi Bar in Wellington.

It was such an amazing night, it brought tears to my eyes that people had made such an effort to not only show up but get dressed up too. I am completely blown away by the fact they were there to celebrate with me, it confuses and bewilders me why so many beautiful people showed up for ME, little me – but they did and I am so proud.

The night was wonderful, we laughed, talked and gave out prizes to the best dressed. Special mentions to my gorgeous friend Jo who came as a Junkie and won Best Female, Marcus who wrapped himself in rolls of toilet paper to be a Mummy and won the Best Male, and a totally awesome effort by our Best Couple Rebecca and Chris (who I work with) for coming as a Roman and Caesar. Last but not least we took a vote box round and people had to vote for who they thought deserved a prize – winning that was Tony the Twister Man!!!!

A FANTASTIC night, I honestly cannot tell you how proud and honoured I am to have so many amazing friends. I not only had a wonderful night with my friends but I was given so many gorgeous presents and made a stunning birthday cake by my friend Jo. Thank you all for celebrating such a momentous moment in my life. Being without my family in the UK was hard, I shed few tears before leaving, but knowing they were there in spirit and in my heart and then seeing everyone at my party made some way towards feeling better. I love you all, thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over – I am honestly so very lucky!!!

Enjoy the photos too, thanks to Jo, Susan, Stef, and Chonwa for supplying extras!

Click here to view the online album!!!

(turn up the volume and enjoy!)

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