November 2, 2009

Naughty Puppy!

Denver was sometimes naughty, he would occasionally chew something but being told off would usually deter him from ever doing it again. He once ‘broke into’ our bedroom and out of all the things he could of chose he decided to eat my very special and very expensive boots, other than that he wasn’t any trouble, so much so we didn’t have to move any of our plants, ornaments or special things out of his reach.

Now of course its something very different indeed! It reminds me of the days when Bethany started crawling, things that once lived on the floor made their way higher and higher out of reach. If you take a look around our home you will see that pretty much everything has a corner chewed – the skirting boards, the sofa, the TV stand, the dog bed, the plant pots, the book shelf, the list goes on. Things are missing that never were before – door stops, handles and bits of carpet to name a few and there is only one reason for this – Bailey!!

We love him so very much but he has certainly tested our patience over the last few months!

Major disasters in the last few weeks have been a totally eaten and ripped apart bed, cardboard boxes or paper taken from the table and ripped up, magazines, and even a DVD, but the annoying by far was the fact he, just like Denver, ‘broke into’ the bedroom (unless it was Denver working with him!) and again out of all the pick of boots, trainers or shoes decided to take my one and only best loved heels – the ones I wear for work nearly all the time, the ones I brought over from the UK and the ones I will never ever be able to replace – and ate them!!!

But without doubt so far the worst and by far most naughty thing he has done is this. Take one kitchen bin full of rubbish, throw in a Bailey and look what happens…

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