December 7, 2009

Boulder Hill

Michael and I took a day off work on Friday, both needing some alone time together now that our schedules are really quite busy with work. We always like to include ‘the boys’ if we get chance (that’s Denver and Bailey for those who don’t know!) and so we thought a walk would be perfect.

Despite the first day of Summer kicking into action on the 1st December we haven’t seen much in the way of sunshine, it’s rained a lot and has been generally overcast. Nice temperatures though. Friday was a nice day, not too warm with a nice cool breeze from the South to wake you up every now and again. We packed a picnic, threw ourselves in the car and set off after dropping Bethany at school.

We chose to walk Boulder Hill, it’s a track we have walked before but with a little girl in tow we can normally only walk an hour before she is really fed up and tired. Bethany is such an amazing walker though, we forget that she probably does three steps to our one and it’s quite lovely that she just keeps going only complaining when she really is worn out. Normally this track right to the top and back is a 3 hour round trip, I was certainly going to find this interesting!

I’m not one for exercise, I really don’t like it and am dreadfully unfit and slightly pudgy to show for it! The idea of walking for 1.5 hours uphill really didn’t excite me at all, but claims from Michael that he would find it easy spurred me on!

Denver and Bailey were amazing, we rarely let them off the lead when walking, especially in places we don’t know too well, but their recalls and manners have been really good lately so we gave them a chance, and they rewarded our trust with being ever so well behaved, waiting for us and returning when we asked. Denver has even taken to sitting or standing completely still when he sees someone (or another dog) approaching which is a huge improvement on his usual craziness! They were a joy to take with us.

The walk was steep in places and the sun was beating down, we joked about being sunburned but knowing we had lathered up the 30+ before leaving meant we would be OK. We only passed two people with dogs the whole time we were out, and as we climbed higher and higher the views got more and more amazing.

Boulder Hill is just that – a hill with boulders on it! We have heard so many people rave about the location and the views that once we reached the top we knew what they were talking about. Panoramic views of countryside, ocean, views to the South Island and vast fields made our picnic super enjoyable to say the least.

The wander back down of course took less time and we were all glad to see the car. The boys ran out of energy and the second the got to the car they were down and out!

A lovely day, and despite the fact I moaned and groaned at the fact I not only would have to walk, but walk uphill too was actually alright in the end. However…

We both ended up with massive red and purple sunburn! Not big nor clever and with skin cancer being one of the leading diseases here in NZ it’s certainly not something to be proud of. I guess being out for 4 hours in the sunshine wasn’t covered by our sun lotion applying efforts and we suffered for it, both with horrible burns and sunstroke. I went to have my hair done at my usual hairdressers the day after and she was also pink and red, I asked if she was caught out in the sun and she said no – she had been on a sunbed and been burned! Complete madness that people think it is OK to do that.

So all in all, a wonderful day, sore legs, sore butt and sore shoulders, but well worth it all.

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