April 21, 2010

The Golf Ball & The Stone

Once upon a time there was a Dawes Family, a Mammy Dawes, a Daddy Dawes, a Bethany Dawes and a Denver and Bailey Dawes. It was a nice summery afternoon, the Dawes Family were all having a lovely walk along the Hutt Valley river, Mammy and Daddy had finished early from work so they could all enjoy the beautiful afternoon together.

Laughing, and talking and enjoying the moment, they would run and chase the two silly dogs that they loved and everyone was having a nice time. Although lately is had been hard for them, what with having a car accident and losing their precious car, and then with Mammy facing a few weeks left at her work due to Redundancy, they all still managed to smile. The thought of that trip to England in the near future was certainly something to look forward to.

Walking back they watched people hitting golf balls out into the field next door from the driving range. It was then that they saw a golf ball laying on the ground in front of them. It was then that they also saw an excited Bailey running towards it. It was the that a moment of much screaming, running and shouting happened as they all watched in slow motion Bailey run off into the grass and made a coughing / gulping sound.

It was ovbious to the Dawes Family as to what had happened, and a visit to the nearby Vet confirmed their worst fears. The x-ray showed not only the offending round golf ball, but also something else round and hard!

It was a long weekend, poor Mammy cried all weekend worrying about her little Bailey boy. After an unsuccessful day of waiting to have the operation on the Saturday, Bailey was finally on the list and had the horrible big nasty operation on the Sunday, the Vet told the Dawes Family that the operation was going to be quite dangerous.

With tears still flowing Mammy wanted to go and see Bailey, and so with a confirmation phone call from the Vet that all had gone well the day before and he was well enough to see people, they went off with cards, photos and posters in hand to decorate Bailey’s sick bed.

Upon arrival though some good news came, he was allowed to come home! A joyous cheer came from the Dawes Family, yet that cheer was a little subdued by the Vet who handed over a long list of things that had to be paid for….and lets just say to get change from $1800 would have been lovely for them!

Bailey came home and although obviously had just been through a major operation was in fact fine. He was in good spirits and wanted to play, and of course still had that amazing appetite. As the Dawes Family flopped onto the sofa with Bailey next to them and Denver at their feet, they looked around them, and looked at a years worth of destruction caused at the mouth of their puppy, and really didn’t care. The weekend and the worry for their Bailey was something they never wanted to do again.

And the other thing in his stomach? Well that was a stone. The golf ball and the stone live happily next to each other on display in the Dawes Family house now as a reminder that although sometimes things can get you down, and that bad things seem to happen all at once, and that finances will never be the same for the Dawes Family and that their trip to the UK is now in jeopardy – they will all live happily ever after.

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