May 26, 2010

Birthday Boys!

Anyone who knows us will know how much we love Denver and Bailey. For us we have dogs to be part of our family, enjoy our life and live alongside us, and in return we get more rewards from them than we could ever imagine. I think I can honestly say I personally am obsessed with our boys!

Although not perfect, Denver with his crazy other dog obsession and Bailey with his mission to chew his way through our house, we still think they are very well behaved, and both of such adorable lovely characters. Over the years we have had what can only as can be described, uneducated people, pass judgement and offer opinions where they were not wanted, picking faults in our dogs due to their possible breeds – passing comments when they hadn’t even met them!

What is also true of us is that people think we are crazy, that is actually part true, but even more so when I mention that we did indeed just hold a birthday party for our dogs at the weekend!

Originally we had a great big lavish affair planned. We had made doggy invitations and sent them out to Denver and Bailey’s doggy friends, we planned the venue and the fun they would have, and I put together ‘doggy bags’ for everyone to take home. Sadly it never came together due to having a car accident (and not having a dog mobile for a while), and then cancelled again due to Bailey’s surgery.

The weekends passed and passed and now that Bailey was 110% recovered we decided it was time to do something. It was Denver’s actual 2nd birthday on the 6th February, and Bailey was 2 on the 8th of March, so the celebration was well over due!

On the morning we blew up over 100 balloons, we know how much Denver loves them. We put up decorations, Bethany drew pictures to hang, we wrapped some presents and wrote out cards, it was all very lovely! We started with pass the parcel, both boys ending up with a squeaky toy each, and then onto unleashing the balloons, it was amazing fun! Denver and Bailey of course not really knowing whats going on, just that they were being fussed over!

Bailey wasn’t too keen on all the popping and preferred to play outside with his new toy, but Denver just went crazy and loved the balloons, it was really quite funny!

Afterwards it was presents (stuffed toys each) and cake time – which was dog biscuits and dog meat moulded (not the nicest cake I have ever made)!

It was an an awesome time, Bethany absolutely loved the whole thing and we really do feel its important for her to know the dogs are part of the family and need to be treated with the same love and respect that we do for any other family member.

Happy 1st birthday Bailey boy, and happy 2nd birthday Denny, we love you!!! xxx

Look out for the crazy jumping Denver picture!!

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