June 24, 2010

Castlepoint Trip

It’s been the usual all quiet here at Dawes HQ again, mainly because we have been away on a little trip!

We decided to try and dust off the Winter blues and shake of the nasty colds we all had, and that a break away at a lovely little cosy Bach by the sea would do us some good. We hopped on the Book A Bach website which is awesome for finding exactly what you want, and found a lovely little place in Castlepoint, not only was it a reasonable price but it was a whole little house for us to explore – and that meant the dogs too!

With a forecast for bad weather we arrived after a 2 hours drive to find it quite pleasant. The smell of the ocean and the roaring of the waves was lovely. We got in, unpacked and settled.

It was a fun filled time of relaxing and exploring. It was a couple of seconds to the deserted beach which meant the boys could run off and have fun. We spent some time at Castlepoint village – although we cannot decide which way to spell it, the map says ‘Castlepoint’ yet the lighthouse states ‘Castle Point’, where we went for a walk along the beach, saw seals up close and got to climb to the top of the lovely lighthouse. We also spent one day walking for two hours along the beach, just having complete quiet family time. There was also a huge mound of jigsaws and games we got through.

The weather was quite kind, and we saw two sunrises (thanks to Bethany!) which were stunning. We had glorious sunshine one moment then hail showers the next, typical New Zealand, 4 seasons in one day!

Made a little video!

It showcases all the fun we had whilst there, we absolutely loved our stay at Castlepoint. The Bach was truly a magnificent find, and the benefit of having no TV, and no mobile phone coverage coupled with listening to actual vinyl made it all the more tranquil.

We cannot wait to go back again soon, a very special little place indeed, and an amazing time we will never forget.

Castlepoint from Marrisa Dawes on Vimeo.

Our little break away in a slice of winter paradise!

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