June 30, 2010

Gnawty Dog

Oh our little bundle of ginger fluff that we like to call Bailey keeps us on our toes that’s for sure! Over a year old now you would think his puppy ways were behind him, but it seems not.

Over the last year Bailey has decided that the only way to get some attention is to eat his way through our house, bit by bit, item by item. First it started with anything left on the floor accidentally, Bethany’s things in particular – don’t ask what happened to Kerplunk or where those marbles went. Then it moved on to him sneaking in the kitchen and pulling things out of the rubbish bin, you can see that post here. Then he decided to go totally bonkers and moved onto the furniture, to date the TV stand, the surround sound speakers, the skirting board, the corner of the sofa (twice in different areas), the side tables, the bookcase (he also too a book and ate that) and even his own toy box. The worst to date and saddening was the legs from Bethany’s wooden rocking chair that she was given as a gift from her cousin in England, this is the only thing we have had shipped off to be repaired so far, the list is endless what else needs fixing.

It seemed at one point that he would stop at nothing, we even had to move the dog bed as he once chewed through a live cable which was our wall heater! Yet now I am no longer working, our darling little fuzzball has eased up, only eating the odd few things like corners of cushions or demolishing his own plastic toys into a million bits, which is a wonderful relief considering his most absolute epic moment so far – the golf ball surgery!

We know all breeds of dogs are different, all with different characteristics and all so very adorable yet strangely misunderstood at the same time. And as much as we hate the fact our home looks absolutely terrible the only thing we want to do is cure our puppy, just like us all, we have ways of dealing with things and his when alone at home is to chew. We have often thought that we would set up a camera, it would be funny to see if he is being egged on by Denver or if Denver is sitting there shaking his head telling Bailey he is going to be in so much trouble when we get in.

And how do we know its Bailey? Not only does he have this pathetic way of before you have even seen any damage of rolling on his back, legs in the air begging for forgiveness, he also normally has such offences hanging from his overhung jaw which he probably doesn’t even know is there, kind of like the kids who says they didn’t eat the chocolate.

To see a few items of destruction see the photos below, now let me go fill up my wine glass to calm my frayed nerves, and start a ‘Bailey Furniture Replacement Fund’!

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