August 25, 2010

Slightly Summery

Oooooo, it happened, that Summer feeling arrived Sunday and stayed with us well into the night. We have recently been hit with a deluge of rain, Winter always brings the rain, but slowly as the days now get lighter and longer the rain evens itself out with the sunshine!

We had the most lovely time on Sunday, we did NOTHING! We sat around at home, did a few jobs (painted the new kennel!), played games, had a walk and really just had a nice time, all of us saying it had been a great day. The sun shone brightly in the deep blue sky, you could see the piercing image of the moon at all stages of the day reminding us that we are still in Winter, but it was just glorious, getting up to 21 degrees on our deck at one point.

So much so was the gorgeous feeling of summer that we got the BBQ going, the first in a few months since it was locked away for Winter, and we really enjoyed it. We lit candles, the dogs played, Bethany played, Michael and I enjoyed a few drinks and we all had a wonderful pre-summer evening.

Bring on that Summer feeling!!

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