November 7, 2010

The Big UK Trip Back – The Journey

Things may have been a little quiet lately on the blog, and that’s because we have been in the UK! Yep after 4 years of living in NZ we decided it was time to take that trip back, and what an experience it was too!

Over the next few posts I will cover the most amazing four weeks, we did so much, saw so many people, and went so many places – it was full on. Before we left I spent months pulling together an itinerary, not because I wanted to, it would have been nice to have just gone back and relaxed, but after so long that was never going to be possible with so many people to see. We literally spent every day doing something. So best I start at the very beginning…

It’s been just over 4 years since the day we originally left the UK on our momentous lifetime journey, for many years we talked about the prospect of going back but we needed to establish a life here first, and so after 4 years we felt the timing was finally right. I vividly remember booking the tickets 11 months ago, we felt silly making excited calls to our parents and sending emails to all our friends telling them to expect us, but to us this was massive and in a blink of an eye the 11 months flew by and the date to leave was finally here.

We tried our hardest to keep the news from Bethany for as long as possible, but of course we would slip up and openly talk about it forgetting she could hear us, and it wasn’t long before she was asking questions. Before we knew it we were on the 4 week countdown and then travel day was here!

As we sat in the Wellington airport lounge that morning we were so very excited, we also had a mini trip to Singapore to look forward to. However leaving wasn’t that easy, Denver and Bailey were faced with a month in the kennels, and that was heartbreaking to leave them behind for so long. Once aboard the plane to Auckland the worry and fear lifted slightly, deep down we knew they would be fine and we just had to focus on having so much to look forward to.

We had a gorgeous flight up to Auckland, we then had a few hours to wait and so arranged to meet up with our good friends Craig, Rachel and Myles who used to live in Wellington but recently moved to Auckland. It was great to see them and hear all about their new exciting move, we look forward to going up there and staying with them soon.

As we made our way to departures we could see the massive Singapore Airlines jet sitting waiting for our arrival. I’m not a particularly good flyer and to be honest I was completely dreading it, but still the excitement of what was happening took away some of those nerves. The flight from Auckland to Changi in Singapore was 12 hours, so very very long but it was really easy. Bethany was a complete trouper and didn’t moan once. We arrived 7pm Singapore time which meant it was 1am in New Zealand – already our body clocks were screaming with confusion!

We took a taxi to our hotel – we stayed at the Changi Village Hotel and literally checked in and crashed!

Of course typically we woke up crazy early in Singapore, we spent the morning enjoying the rooftop pool. The views were absolutely stunning and whilst I spent time admiring the views Bethany and Michael practised their ‘bombing’ techniques. Bethany was really chuffed to lose a tooth! Eventually however we had to get out of the pool at 8am when the heat just became too much – too much for our pasty white skins!!

We checked out of the hotel and stored our bags, and then we went off exploring for the day. Jumping in a taxi we headed over to the Singapore Flyer where we had the most amazing ride, viewing the delights of Singapore from up high,  it was quite an honour to be able to ride the worlds largest observation wheel. We spent most of the day here enjoying the tropical gardens and having a really nice lunch. We absolutely love Singapore, its such an amazing diverse place. We have been before and still agree now that the people are amazing and it deserves its title of being the Garden City – it is truly beautiful.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel to pick up our stuff and then onwards to the airport for the next crazy long haul to Manchester. But we were so ready and quite exhausted after the long hot day. More importantly we really just couldn’t wait anymore, long flight or no long flight, we were on our way and loving it!!

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