November 17, 2010

The Big UK Trip Back – The Yurts

The next morning we woke quite early managing to avoid a hangover – so no – the title does not refer to any drunken issues!!!

Michael’s sister Helen was away that weekend for her hen party, she had chosen to take herself and her hens to a place in the Lake District called Wild In Style where they enjoyed a long weekend together. Sunday we were kindly offered to go up and join her and her last remaining hen called Jo.

Lynn and I took Amy (Helen’s daughter) and Bethany with us whilst Michael stayed home and planned another drunken night somewhere!

We left early afternoon and drove for a few hours into the gorgeous hills of The Lake District. So very reminiscent of the stunning New Zealand, The Lakes are truly a magnificent place in the UK. We finally made it to our destination (after 3 hours on the road and getting lost a few times!) where we met Helen and her last remaining hen, Jo, at their Yurt – looked like we would be sleeping in style!

The area was lovely, stunning lush forest with the odd tent and pod scattered here and there. Our spot had two Yurts on it, and inside was really lovely. There were two double beds in each, a kitchen area, wooden floors and a lovely woodburner, everything you could need and more, maybe not going as far as the new craze of ‘glamping’ but it was certainly a bit posh.

We enjoyed the night together sitting out looking at stars and listening to Helen tell stories of her hen weekend. I took Bethany off to bed at 9.30pm as we would be sharing a bed, and Grandma was in the other. I made the mistake of laying down with Bethany just for a moment, and with the woodburner going, well….I fell asleep!

The next morning (after getting a telling off for being an accidental sleeping idiot!) we spent some time exploring before setting off back. We stopped off at the Llama Karma Kafé on the way back which was great fun and we had a gorgeous lunch. It was nice to have shared the special place with Helen, and Bethany and Amy had a great time. By this point Bethany was well and truly obsessed with Amy – something that only developed further as time went on!!

And the day wasn’t over yet! That night we met family at the local Chinese where we enjoyed stuffing our faces even more…heck, with eating out three times (sometimes four!) times a day we thought we might have to try and plan a trip to buy some bigger clothes at some point, or ask Singapore Air to widen their seats for our return!!

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