November 10, 2010

The Big UK Trip Back – Family and Friends

After the excitement of the previous day we woke reasonably early, still fighting with the time shift we thought we did really well to stay awake till 9.30pm the previous night!

The morning was stunning as the mist rose up over the vast fields. Sitting down at a lovely cooked breakfast it was time to take the much planned itinerary seriously, and we planned the next few days out. As we sat having breakfast it was really confusing yet  funny as we tried to recall how we actually got to my parent’s house the previous day – it seems the jet lag may have stolen some memories!

We waved farewell to my parents and headed off to our first ‘appointment’, and we couldn’t think of a more fitting one – taking Nana for lunch! Of course older, Nana looked fantastic, she was as petite and as graceful as ever. It was so nice to be able to spend some alone time with her, and even more so for Bethany. She loved being around Nana, and in a way this was the first memory Bethany has of her, she has seen many photos and spoken on Skype a few times but this was very special. We took Nana for a fish and chip lunch and chatted about life – it was very nice indeed!

Over the next few days we went from one place to the next, having breakfast, lunch and dinner dates every day. It was so nice to catch up with our lovely friends who we have missed so so much. We met old work colleagues and caught up on the gossip, it was nice to know they were all happy and enjoying life, yet interesting to hear some things never change! As we went to meet them we called past our old work place…not sure what to say about this really. It was strange to see the old miserable building!

After lunch we went to see some friends and met their ‘new’ baby called Oliver (now 8 months old). It was so nice to see them and catch up, Oliver without doubt is the most good looking baby I have ever seen!! His Dad would make you believe its all because of him, but we know Oliver has his Daddy’s charm and his Mummy’s good looks! 

We also caught up with one of my gorgeous friends and her family. We headed round to their house where we were treated to some Halloween dressing up from the twin boys before we headed out to dinner. It was nice to meet their new daughter too and see that they are all still so lovely and happy. Very proud of my lovely friend Vicky who now has her own hairdressing business – she always was talented.

Then at the weekend we met up with another one of my very special best friends. A long long history of all sorts has ran between myself and my friend Helen. We became best friends at school and have some of the most amazing memories ever, our bond will never break, but sadly when we moved away to NZ the distance caused a rift. We have survived the separation (truly we were both heart broken) and it was lovely to be able to see her again. Not only that whilst we have been away she bagged herself a stunning husband and has had another child, so it was really amazing to be able to catch up and still feel that bond was as strong as ever.

We also enjoyed time at Lynn’s house where Steve (Dad) and the bride to be (Helen) plus Amy (our niece) and Murphy (the dog!) all came for dinner (provided by the lovely Lynn!).  

Emotionally and physically we were already completely shattered but when the weekend came we couldn’t and didnt stop, we had time to go shopping in Tesco – Bethany was absolutely stunned at the size of the supermarket and that it has escalators you could take trolleys on!

After getting supplies that’s when the weekend really started as we met up with further friends and had our first party!

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