November 28, 2010

The Big UK Trip Back – Going The Distance

Tuesday rolled round and a very special day for me personally finally arrived. A day I had been waiting for 7 years to happen – seeing one of my bestest friends ever, Tasha. Although we have always been in touch, she lives with her 3 gorgeous children in the South of England, so seeing each other has always been a struggle. The last time we saw each other properly was when she was Maid of Honour at our wedding 7 years ago. I was so excited and when I told Tasha of our plans to come back I was so thrilled when she said she was coming to see us, and even more pleased to hear she was bringing her 3 children Stephanie, James and Sophie and her partner Mark.

We met 15 years ago on holiday in Wales, her first little girl only a few months old then, and it was certainly love at first sight! We had a great holiday together there, and from then on we stayed firm friends. Hopping on the train I would pop off to London often and go stay with her at her flat. We have had some amazing times!! When she had her little boy I went down to attend the Christening and was honoured with God Parent. Then when we got married she was my maid of honour – and of course the honour was all ours!

They had all made such a lovely effort, driving all the way up from Kent, booking a hotel and taking the kids out of school and time off work so we could be together, we will never be able to thank them enough for that.

Tears and hugs naturally occurred as we saw each other for the first time in such a long time – all three kids were now so grown up! Stephanie nearly 16 and so so beautiful. James was taller than all of us and such a lovely well spoken loving boy at 11, and then there was the ‘new addition’ we hadn’t even met yet which was the cute Sophie now aged 8!! We also got to meet Mark for the first time who was yet to meet my approval of course!!

The next few days were amazing, we had the funniest most lovely time together. We started the day with a lovely breakfast in a nice hotel, then onwards to Preston Park where we had a look around the museum which was really quite interesting. Always being ones for messing around we created the funniest dressing up photo ever (see photo’s below). We also wandered the gardens, visited the Victorian replica street and just spend quality time together. We also went into Butterfly World which was really nice too.

On the afternoon we headed to my parents house for a catch up there. We had a lovely walk out and enjoyed the tranquility of the countryside where they are so fortunate to live. We opted for fish and chips for tea, and to be honest I was completely gobsmacked when it cost nearly 60 pounds for 10 rounds of fish and chips (a whopping $120NZ!!).

We reminised by watching old home movies of our days on holiday together and told the kids stories of all the fun we have had over the years. Being together was absolutely perfect, we adored having them with us and making so much effort to come all that way and see us was just so very kind. It may have been 7 years since we last saw each other but it felt like only yesterday. A perfect perfect day, a day I personally will never forget.

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