December 23, 2010

The Big UK Trip Back – The Wedding

Along of course with being able to celebrate the special occasion of my Dad’s 60th birthday we were also honoured to be able to attend Michael’s sisters wedding. Helen and Leigh fell in love not long after we left for New Zealand. We heard the lovely romantic stories and we were so pleased for them and her daughter Amy when Helen and Leigh moved in together. Of course like it was always meant to be they then became engaged and the wedding date was set…and we hadn’t even met him yet!

The night before the wedding we had family and friends gather for a pre-wedding get together, it was so nice to be reunited with everyone yet again and all be in the excitement of wedding harmony.  The morning approached quickly and operation ‘get ready’ was under way. The men learned to stay out of the way as hairdressers, crazy children and tearful (happy tears!) people dashed around!

We were also honoured to have Bethany as a flower girl for the magical day, she would work hand in hand alongside Leigh’s niece which was so lovely and a perfect match. They of course became instant best friends and stuck to each other all day. Helen had her bridal party of her Daughter Amy and her best friend Nicola. The sky was clear and although nippy the excitement warmed our skin as we headed for the venue.

The wedding itself was held at Preston Hall in a stunning room filled with wooden walls and of fabulous character. Family and friends poured into the room making the atmosphere truly breathtaking. The ceremony was simple and elegant, and we were so happy to be there to witness the wedding of now Mr and Mrs Smith.

Afterwards we had some photos and a chat with everyone before we headed off to the venue for the rest of the day – Wynyard Hall. Now we thought Preston Hall was posh – this place just took our breath away as we pulled into the main driveway and drove what seemed like forever before we were graced with the magnificent building. Stunningly amazing the building was a pure English treasure – the inside was as beautiful as the outside, we very much indeed felt extra posh!

We had a lovely sit down meal in one of many beautiful rooms, it was fantastic to listen to speeches and enjoy some of the most amazing food we have ever tasted. The service was top notch and interesting to watch the level of commands that stood between the service staff just to put down a few plates!

The evening approached and we moved through to another remarkable room, once housing a swimming pool it was now a royal hall. Here we spent the night listening, laughing, smiling and enjoying being around everyone. Bethany was absolutely amazing on the day, we hardly saw much of her as she was so terribly independent and just wanted to hang around with the other children. She would have danced and danced into the night, but by 11.30pm it was time to take her home, 5 seconds in the car she was asleep no doubt dreaming of what will be one of her most treasured memories of her lifetime.

Being away from family and friends means we not only miss them, but miss so much every single day of every day life. To have been part of this truly delightful day and also be surrounded by all our family at friends at the same time was perfect. Thank you Helen and Leigh for letting us join you on your special day, you are a match made in heaven.

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