December 24, 2010

The Big UK Trip Back – White Scar Caves

Visiting somewhere you used to live always throws up problems of what to actually do activity wise whilst you are there. We had seen all the local attractions and so we thought it may be hard to find places to go – so far though looking back over the journey we were very much wrong – we have had some amazing adventures!

My lovely parents suggested a day out to a place I hadn’t been to since I was a child – called White Scar Caves. The website looked very interesting and extremely exciting so of course we must take a trip there. Deep beneath Ingleborough Hill, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, lies a hidden world which has been sculpted by nature over thousands of years. A subterranean landscape, beautifully lit, with gushing streams and waterfalls, exotic cave formations, and a huge ice-age cavern adorned with thousands of stalactites…

We had so far been very lucky with the weather and had lots and lots of cold but sunny clear days. The rain had now set in but this didn’t dampen our spirits. We arrived to catch the last tour of the day, I still wasn’t well and loaded with cold so getting myself pulled together to go anywhere took its time. We sat in the cafe and had a cuppa, my parents telling the most amazing story of how many many moons ago when they first started ‘courting’ (there words!) they were riding the Moors on one of my Dad’s motorbikes when it broke down just outside the White Scar Caves, and the fun they had getting home. Now here we were all sat looking at that spot, 3 generations – I bet they never thought for a second what the future held then.

We donned our very flattering hats and headed into the cave with a leader and the rest of the tour group. We stopped off along the way to look at some of the most amazing rock formations. Water ran down from the ceiling of the cave splattering often on our heads. As we walked the path raging waters ran under our feet, the noise as we approached the underground waterfall was deafening, a fantastic sight for sure. The path was long and winding, always something to see along the way. At various points you pretty much had to get into a crawling type position to get through to the next section!

Anyway, if you want to experience some of what we did there is a fantastic ‘tour’ on the website. At the very end we went into a massive cavern called Battlefield Cavern, here we were strictly told no photos. The room was massive, the ground around us amazing, standing at 330 feet long its one of the largest public caverns in Britain.

We had a great time here, Bethany was completely enthralled by the whole experience – another great day out!

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