January 30, 2011

Beware Of The Dog

Its true you know, what they say about dogs being mans best friend and all that. You will have heard me ramble on here many times about how much we love our boys Denver and Bailey. They are so part of our lives that every thought, everything we do, and everywhere we go involves them. We are so utterly proud of them and could not have wished for more special companions.

My family got our first dog when I was 12, before that we had always had cats, and we always had three cats at the same time. When Emma came along (I named her after Dannii Minogue’s character in Home and Away!!) everything changed. It was no longer about that pet that lives in your house, it was an extension of the family, like having a sister. The things I used to tell Emma!

Michael also had dogs in his family, the first he can remember was Poppy who came into his life when he was 16. As a Labrador the stories I would hear of her antics, mainly regarding food were hilarious. The fun things Michael and Poppy would do together will never ever be forgotten.

Sadly as we left the UK for our new world we knew we would never see either of them again, it was the most painful thing to say goodbye. Of course they died not long after arriving, the end of a family era, one that still hasn’t been replaced by either parents as the loss of such special characters still hasn’t passed.

So here we were in New Zealand, we couldn’t of course hold off any more the chance to bring new life into our home and to give a dog a family. 4 years on, 2 separate adoptions later and the SPCA ‘specials’ Denver and Bailey are our family. They should count themselves lucky, they are the most spoilt dogs in the world!

One of the most special things about them is their honest love for us, they protect, respect, and care for us. The live with us, among us, and beside us. Their love for our daughter is inseparable, which is proudly heart warming! Bethany and Denver have a special bond, Bethany always asked to be measured alongside Denver when he is stretched out!

Denver is especially the one to watch out for, he is very protective of his big (little) sister. Every night without fail he has his last meal and then sits patiently at the door, fixated only on the door handle. This is his cue that he wants to go to bed now, and not his bed, but Bethany’s! If he had his way he would sleep with her every single night. He especially loved her big double bed, but even though that has now gone he still manages to find space to fit his 45kg body. And its not just the bed, where Bethany is – he is.

He is undoubtedly a character, we have thousands of photos of his silly moments, the dribble, the crazy run, a fall or some funny sleeping position. Yet his softness, his kindness and his simpleness always shines through. This photo however sums him up completely:

So the only thing you ever need to ‘beware’ of if you stay at our home is where Denver is – as he might be in your bed!

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