May 11, 2011

Grandma: Is Here!

We were fortunate one night to get that type of Skype call we absolutely love, the one where someone we love dearly surprises us and tells us they are coming to see us – and this is exactly what happened a few months ago, and as always the time was happily upon us before we know it.

Exciting and as crazy as it always is, the lead up to a visit sends us all emotionally loopy, we literally cannot wait and every moment we are awake is spent talking about it. Grandma arrived Easter weekend, on the Saturday. The previous week was the school holidays and every single day Bethany worked hard on her poster to take to the airport. She was so proud standing there holding it. As we watched Grandma’s plane hit the ground our nerves were jolted into action and we knew the very short, but very lovely two weeks ahead were going to be just amazing.

Back home Grandma probably didn’t know what day was what, how we admire her for flying straight through – 4 flights and 27 hours in the air!!

Poor Grandma – the case she brought didn’t really contain much clothing or anything for herĀ  – just lots and lots of goodies for us!!

That evening we celebrated by having a pizza directly requested by Grandma – from Hell. They do some of the most gorgeous gourmet pizzas and they had nicely stuck in Grandma’s mind since the last time she was here, of course we could only agree and partake! Grandma amazed us by finally heading to bed at 10pm, truly amazing how she dealt with the jet lag!

The next day was the day the Easter Bunny had been – a ridiculously excited Bethany woke early and although not the shining sunshine we had previous years the bunny did well weaving his way around the garden avoiding the puddles and the doggy landmines!!

After a chocolate overload and one extra hyper Bethany we decided to go and take things easy and so had a drive to the beach. Not the greatest weather but it was still warm, and as always our favourite beach was just as lovely. The boys had a great time running in and out of the ocean after sticks, and Bethany loved collecting shells with Grandma and talking about things they saw.

Along the way we did find the ‘fence of lost soles’ where random single shoes had been fastened!

We had packed a picnic but as we walked back the rain poured worse than ever before and within minutes we were all dripping from head to toe!

Back home we had a quiet relaxing night whilst we prepared to celebrate Denver’s 3rd and Baileys 2nd Birthdays….

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