August 9, 2011


Like something from our childhood memory bank, we awoke one crisp blue skied morning to see the hills coated in the most stunning white icing. There was no way in the world we were going to miss this one. It does snow on the hills here every year, but normally way up and only a little sprinkle, this time it was a full on snow world experience – and as quick as we could, we were dressed and ready to go and enjoy it.

We took the car up to Tunnel Gully, a place we walk very often with the boys. On arrival we could sense the excitement as we followed a long line of cars into the park, the whole place was covered with this thick layer of snow. There were people everywhere, throwing snow balls, building snow people, sledging, the happiness oozed!

We managed to find a parking spot and we all clambered out, it was the funniest most lovely thing to see Denver and Bailey in the snow. Just a few weeks prior I was gushing over some photos of a friend of mine in Canada whose lovely doggies were playing in the snow, and how I longed for Denver and Bailey to be given the chance…and I got what I asked for!

We were only in the main field for about 10 minutes, but as more and more families and dogs arrived the snow was getting thinner and thinner on the ground, so we decided to head to higher ground. We took the track that takes you up Mount Climie and as we got higher and higher the snow got deeper and deeper, and it was absolutely amazing!!

Sooo much fun, and the higher we got the views became breath taking, it was so strange standing in the snowy world looking down onto a massive green plain.

The track to the top is 4.4km, and just too far whilst trudging through the snow, so we walked as far as we could and headed back down, not before doing a snow angel or five. As we walked back down it got really dark, and then the clouds opened, it snowed like never before, pure thick heavy snowflakes, it was honestly the most special moment.

The snow lasted for just that day, the next day there were puddles and the odd half snowman sitting by the side of the road, we were so lucky. Snow mission accomplished, now onwards to Summer!

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