April 5, 2007

A Journey Back in Time…September

I thought it was about time I added something to this blog, Mr D has done a brilliant job so far but he has kinda missed out most of what we have done since we arrived here!

So I thought I would take you on a journey back in time and update those of you who dont know what we have been doing for the last 6 months. I have added them all as seperate months….hope you enjoy.

Marrisa Smile


So we left the UK on the 19th September 2006, we left with tears and excitement for what was ahead of us. Last time we flew to NZ Bethany had a hard time with the flight, this time she was nearly a year older and was an absolute gem, she travelled like a pro!

We decided to break up our flight to NZ with a stay in Singapore, it was a beautiful City. Extremely hot and busy but such an amazing cultural place. We spent the night in a gorgeous hotel and had a meal out. Its definately somewhere we would go back and visit again.

After the lovely stay in Singapore it was on our way to NZ and to start our new life. The flight was good and we finally arrived in NZ on 22nd September. Here are some pics from the plane, our little gem asleep and the breath-taking scene coming down into Wellington.

We were originally booked to stay in an apartment block in the city but when we arrived it wasnt very nice, so we had to try and find somewhere else. The only place we could find available at such short notice (this was late Friday afternoon!) was a 5 star resort in a place called Raumati Sands. So we hired a car and headed off, it was nearly an hour drive out of the city, but well worth it as it was a fantastic resort, and well needed after that long journey.

Although our goal was to get into our new life straight away we actually spent a few weeks just enjoying NZ and seeing what our new ‘neighbourhood’ had to offer. We spent most days going to the City, taking Bethany to play areas (or as she called them ‘clarias’) and going to the beach. Those two weeks were magical.

So what did October have to offer us….?

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