May 28, 2007

Night Night, Bethany

Bethany’s bedtime routine is still the same despite all the major changes lately.

She still has her ‘bath time’ which is now the shower with toys, and a relaxing warm milk drink whilst listening to 3 stories with either mammy and daddy who do alternative nights.

We have now organised for the Grandparents to be part of this special moment and to read stories to Bethany before she goes to bed just as they used to before.

So we take the laptop downstairs and place it on her bed. Then Bethany clambers in, sits cozy and relaxingly listens with excitement. First up was Grandma and Grandad Lee, who read The Tiger Who Came To Tea:
Next was Grandma Dawes who read a lovely story about a little Teddybear and how happy he was with his friends:
Bethany has responded amazingly to this and is so excited by the thought of stories from England. We are hoping for Grandad Dawes and Aunty Helen to join so we can plan a routine for Bethany to look forward to every week.

Modern technology – don’t you just love it?

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  • Anonymous

    June 5, 2007 at 8:29 am

    Finally, the modern technology came to us, and we are leaving a comment too. Ady loves to watch Little Bear stories as part of her bedtime routine, also 3 stories. After that she enjoys her long bath and then a bottle of milk and a kiss and cuddle. One of us would read her a final story, either Czech or English. She has long now been without nappy at night and accidents are rare.