March 2, 2012

Grove Sale 2

We live in the nicest little street ever, the people here are amazing and we are very lucky. A few years ago after raking through what seemed like more stuff to store in the garage for whenever it might be needed again one day a little idea popped in my head that we should consider a ‘garage’ sale, in fact maybe a street garage sale. After a little discussion with our dear friends and neighbours it seemed that most were interested and had also accumulated boxes like we had, so our first ever grove sale went ahead and hugely successful that was too!

Two years later we were starting to do the same thing and stuff was getting stored in the garage – it once again seemed like the perfect time for a clear out! Again with a hint of another grove sale it was awesome that most in the street had also gathered some items that could be passed on and so it was once set again – the grove sale 2.

As usual everyone did their bit, advertising, posters, getting the word out there, and as usual like last time even though we really didn’t start till 9am, we had people showing up and waiting in the street at 7am!!

A great day, really successful and lots of fun. Bethany and her BFF were given jobs and helped where they could, mainly wandering the people and selling yummy home made cookies. As the sun blazed and we chatted, we really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Later on that evening we decided to congratulate ourselves for being so fantastic, and so all those who had made the day a success got together in the street to enjoy a BBQ. It was sooo lovely chatting to everyone and finding out they had all had a really great day. The children loved being able to play out together in the street and us adults chatted and chatted well into the darkness. Finishing the night with a few more laughs under the stars as we all sat around enjoying a lovely warm fire.

Really awesome event and the most amazing friends and neighbours ever. A couple of more years and I can see this grove sale event becoming New Zealand’s next biggest craze!

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