March 23, 2012

Grandma & Grandad: Are Here!

As usual the months, weeks and days flew by once we knew they were coming, we hadn’t seen them since we went back to the UK in 2010, and it was already too long. Not a single day goes by when we don’t talk or think about them. To know we would see them in a few days was a euphoric feeling, the usual nerves, sickness and excitement arrived and we could barely contain ourselves. I found myself telling anyone who even asked how my day was (supermarket operators) that they were arriving in a few days!!

So with Michael at work I picked up Bethany early from school and we arrived at the airport banner in hand and set up our spot by the international arrivals.

Last time I remember waiting for a long time, waiting for those glass doors to open and it be them, everytime someone came through we would rise and our hearts beat faster and this time I was starting to get a bit worried after an hour of holding the banner and people coming out that they still hadn’t come through. Then my phone rang and a very upset Mam was on the other end, their bags hadn’t arrived and so were waiting to find out what to do. Sadly also the staff at Wellington Airport really didn’t seem to care and because they were so tired and upset they emerged from the glass doors wearing upside down smiles and tears!

With that all done and no bags (they had been lost somewhere along the way) we left. It was so lovely to see them again, and we arrived home to some very excited boys who hadn’t even met them yet! Lots of cuddles and settling in, so much to talk about and so much to do, it was a busy first few days of just being together.

Bethany loved being off school for a few days to be with them, we played lots of games many late into the night.

Bethany went back for a few days so Grandma and Grandad could see her school and class. It was really lovely that the teacher brought them into the classroom and all her classmates got to meet them and ask questions – so cute and a very proud moment. Whilst Bethany was at school I took my parents for a lovely stroll in Petone where we browsed the shops, had a lovely lunch and just enjoyed the day.

The best and most magical times were the ones just sitting together, Bethany lapped up every second, it was pure happy family bliss And to make matters even better, their bags arrived the next night all intact and unharmed! Now onwards to the next 4 weeks of fun together!!

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