June 26, 2007

The Tuesday Ladies

In November last year I met 3 lovely ladies through Jenny. I was kindly welcomed and continued to join them on the Tuesday afternoon get-togethers, taking turns at each others homes, the children would all play and the ladies would chit chat about anything and everything!

We have been getting together practically every week since then, we had a brilliant Christmas get together for the kids (and for us with the bubbly!), we have had numerous trips to various locations like Junglerama and Staglands. We have even braved a night out on the town where we had a lovely meal and then boogied the rest of the night away in a nightclub!

You obviously know Jenny, Eddie and Vicky from previous posts, and so its time for you to meet the others.

Jo has two children, a beautifully shy girl who is nearly 6 called Sammy, and a really cute and mischievous little boy called Davey who is 3. Jo lives in a fantastic location that has the most awesome view of Houghton Bay.

Susan also has two beautiful children, a boy who is nearly 6 called Samuel and a gorgeous little girl called Sophie who has just turned 2. They live in a lovely suburb called Seatoun, with the house situated in a wonderfully private setting.

Joan has just one really lovable boy who is also nearly 6 called Jackson. Joan lives directly on the street below us and has a gorgeous house, with lovely landscaped gardens and a boat in the drive!

These ladies have helped me more than they realise. They welcomed me into their group and have treated me like I have always been part of their lives. The advice I have received, the jokes I have heard and the stories they have told are priceless.

Bethany has also extended her friendship network and has the most crazy fun with them all. She cant wait for Tuesday afternoons and helps me pick out toys she wants to play with when everyone arrives.

I am a true believer that people are brought into your life for a reason, each one of these ladies brings a different life, history and culture which has taught me so much, and I appreciate that immensely.

Thank you ladies, I cant wait to create more memories with you.

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