July 13, 2007

There. Is. A. Mouse. On. My. Pizza!!!

So here we are, Michael and I, sat watching TV and I say ‘oh listen…it sounds like’…and there is the bloody mouse right next to my face eating MY bloody pizza!

Backing up the story, last week I saw I ‘black fuzz’ rush past me, then Bethy and I definitely saw something run from the kitchen whilst having our breakfast. Last night Michael twitched suddenly and said ‘I think I saw something’. Next morning complimentary raisins – time to go.
So I went off and bought a mouse trap.

Ooooohhhh nooooo. Don’t kill it….awwwww (high pitch) don’t kill it, waaaahhhh” – WAS MICHAEL’S VOICE, so tonight we have had to make a home made trap.

Tonight the cheeky little *beeeeeep* not only was brazen enough to show its face whilst we watched TV, but it also ran across my feet when I was on the way to the loo, THEN, I hear something rustling to turn and see the bastard eating my pizza!! Toooo farrr….

So here we are, armed with spaghetti strainer, pasta strainer and a plate of pizza on the floor (apparently so we have now been told, its mouse season).
I dare you mouse! Come get some…

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  • Dav

    July 14, 2007 at 11:30 am

    oooh very clever!
    i hope u catch the little thing!

  • The palmer Family

    July 14, 2007 at 10:17 pm

    Mice are slippery little creatures very clever things hope you catch the cheejy little twatbag!