September 22, 2007

A Meating Place

One of the greatest things we’ve discovered since we arrived in NZ is Island Bay Butchery. Being an avid BBQ’er and meat eater, finding a place like this was nothing short of a dream come true!

Last summer we spent a fortune in here on steaks, burgers, bacon and of course sausages. As you can see from the picture and following list, they do a huge variety and we are still working our way around them.

List of Don Andrew’s locally made sausages:

  1. Boerewors
  2. Chicken
  3. Italian
  4. Chorizo
  5. Traditional Italian
  6. Toulouse
  7. Loukanika
  8. Don-a-Cini
  9. Continental Garlic
  10. German Bratwurst
  11. Moroccan
  12. Pork & Sage
  13. Hot American Spiced
  14. Kielbasa
  15. Lamb & Rosmary
  16. Venison, Herbs & Garlic
  17. Indian
  18. Beefy Bacon
  19. Thai Pork
  20. Champagne Veal & Truffle
  21. Beef
  22. Old English
  23. Pure Pork
  24. Traditional Garlic
  25. Venison
  26. Cumberland
  27. Lamb & Mint
  28. Mexican
  29. Vegetarian

So as BBQ season is most definately upon us, they can expect to see more of us as we stock up and enjoy!

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