February 15, 2013

Christmas 2012

I know I keep harping on about the same thing year in and year out – but honestly it soooo strange having Christmas with the sun blazing! This was our 7th Christmas in New Zealand, and still it just doesn’t feel quite right. It took a LOT to get myself into the mood this year, the sunshine arrives and you just want to lay in the garden not head out shopping!!

We put the tree up and decorated, and things started to feel more seasonal. Presents started to arrive from our loved ones in the UK and were filling under the tree, this seemed to do the trick. Of course Bethany never lost her Christmas spirit as she doesn’t remember Christmas any other way. Where Michael and I grew in the UK we were used to cold weather and blazing open fires, even snow, but here Bethany will have very different childhood memories to us.



Christmas Eve Bethany did her usual, fussed away making sure Santa and his raindeer would be well catered for. She had a good chat with the boys (Denver and Bailey) and told them to have manners when they are spoken to by Santa (Christmas Eve is the only time dogs can speak directly to Santa), and then was off to bed. With every given opportunity and excuse she was up wandering the house, eventually close to 11pm she finally fell asleep!



We had told Bethany ‘do not come in before 6am’….5.58am….morning!!!!!!!!!

Santa had been very kind, eaten the biscuit, drank the wine (not sure how he isn’t completely drunk his whole way round the world) and Rudolph had the carrot. Santa even left Bethany a note saying he was pleased with her this year as she had been very clever working hard at school, and learning right from wrong – even if sometimes that means being different to others.

Under a mass of wrapping paper Bethany finally emerged. Seems she was pretty happy with her gifts this year!






We setup Skype and the Grandparents were with us as we opened presents. The boys also got to rifle through their stockings and open their presents too.


Then the strangest things happened. The phone rang and it was our neighbours – apparently there were sheep on our driveway! Thinking it was a joke we didn’t rush out, till we heard people shouting in the street. So we raced out and sure enough there were sheep! So random. With everywhere closed it was impossible to reach anyone to find out what to do. The sheep took off down the main street and our friends followed them before they couldn’t be seen anymore. We still haven’t worked out how or where they came from!

We settled back in to Skype and were then freaked out by a fire engine with its sirens blaring outside our house on the drive! Michael went out to see what was going on and luckily they were just dropping of Christmas presents for the volunteer firefighters (our neighbours volunteer). Nothing like getting the heart going so early on!

After all the drama we carried on with Skype.



We knew it was going to be an amazing day, it was so hot over night and when we woken at 5.58am the first thing we did was throw open all the doors and windows.

By 10am it was nearly 28 degrees and we were melting after just preparing breakfast. We then had a full roast dinner to cook – for the sake of tradition we would do it – and for the first time since being here we reached record temperatures and we hit 38 degrees!




Fans were blaring in the house but doing nothing but moving hot air around, and so we set up the pool. That certainly sorted out all the melting!





Later on in the afternoon we were invited to our friends house (in the street) where we joined other friends and neighbours and all sweat it out together!

Such an amazing day. We love being home over Christmas and just spending the day relaxing and melting together!

Kiwi Christmas number 7 happily ticked off.

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