March 31, 2013

Under The Influence

With my recent call back into a more active lifestyle, the influence from this has not gone unnoticed. Bethany has always been active, loves swimming, more recently getting well into Netball and since learning to ride her bike she’s been an avid fan of getting out and about.

I asked Beth late last year if she’d be keen to do a triathlon and once she read about the event she was keen.  This particular event is sponsored by  Weet-Bix (one of her favourite breakfast cereals) and is pitched as a Try-athlon rather than a traditional race, you’re not timed you just need to complete it.

Beth’s age group meant she had to start with a 100m swim, then straight out into the field to throw on a t-shirt and jump on her bike for a 4km bike ride.  As soon as the ride was done her bike is parked up and she’s off for a 1.5km run – not an easy thing to do for many adults I know, never mind a 9 year old.

We arrived at the sports ground, as usual the most under-prepared out of all the kids in attendance.  Parents who had been through this before had boxes for kids stuff, flags to help them find bikes in a sea of other bikes and a myriad of tents and other stuff that we’ll know about for next year.  The event flows much like an adult triathlon and was well executed by the organisers from start to finish.100_1593

Beth signed in and had her race number written on her arm and leg, then went and sat with her age group in a marquee outside the pool.


I watched her calmly make her way into the pool and when the whistle went she was off in the group of other splashers, doing the 4 laps of the pool.

In the pool

She completed the swim easily and we caught a glimpse of her as she came out of the pool, ran across the field to the transition area, threw her clothes over the top of her costume and she was off on her bike.



We didn’t see the bike ride as it was 3 laps around the outside of the park but soon enough she was back in and we managed to lean out over the barrier and give her a high 5 as she dumped her bike and bolted straight into the run.



On to the run

It didn’t take long before we saw Beth coming up on the finish line, still running, still looking determined as she sprinted over the finish line to collect her medal and have her photo taken.



Absolutely proud of her 110%, it was no mean feat, and doing it alone too – that’s my girl!

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