May 28, 2013

Nitro Circus – Wellington 2013

In 2009 we went to see Crusty Demons which was an event we have raved to many about since. We have been waiting for them or a similar event to come back to Wellington so we were super excited and first in line to get tickets to see Nitro Circus, we had seen the TV shows and although we knew the theme and knew they were a little more extreme we were not really sure what to expect. The adverts all over the TV were enough to get us impatient…

It was a beautiful night in Wellington, the blue skies and warm sunshine very much appreciated. The stadium was full (its only ever half full for this type of event) and the crowd was very excited.

We had the most amazing night, the show was a million more times than we ever ever ever expected. The things they did, the way they did it and the nervous energy it created was spectacular. I think the other thing that shone through was the pure trust, appreciation, care and love that the team all showed each other, the jumps may have been something they have done many times before but they were always quick to remind everyone that these were real people and things can go wrong, and you could see the genuine excitement and pure proud admiration from the other team members when one achieved what they wanted to do.

I did take video but there was no need to pull it all together as this video here show everything and more of what we enjoyed. If you ever get the chance you MUST go and see these guys in action













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