August 7, 2013

UK Trip 2013 – Hello Everyone

And so we were back again…we were lucky enough to land in Newcastle mid afternoon, it was about an hour drive back to Lynn’s house (Michael’s mam) and we were lucky enough to miss the work rush hours. It was all very similar and familiar yet very strange as we didn’t feel like we had just stepped off a 36 hour journey!

Michael drove back home with his Dad, Bethany went with Grandma and Amy, and I went with my parents. It was cute passing each other on the motorway!


Back at Lynn’s we settled in, this was our home for the next few nights. We had a few visits from family and friends, it was great to see everyone again. It was a fantastic catch up and relaxing time. Take away food, relaxing in the spa and sleeping all came very easy!










The next day we awoke again to beautiful blue skies. As I pulled back the curtains we stood smiling for a while to see the view of the streets we used to know, watching people go past, seeing that nothing had really changed, and how lovely that was.

The day went pretty quickly, do not actually remember most of it, jetlag has a habit of sneaking up on you. That night we had a party planned, a time to reconnect with all our friends and family in relaxed and familiar surroundings.

Before that though I had a very special date! I paced the floor, went to the window, paced some more, checked the window again, paced. Then the knock came…it was the person I had been waiting to see again since the day we left last time – my beautiful best friend Heza and her family!!!! Cuddles, tears, cuddles, tears  – oh I had missed this girl and her babies so much!!


We had a beautiful afternoon reconnecting, the children spending time together – so perfect. We got ready for the party and went and played out on the street with the kids, whizzing up and down on the scooters – people must have thought we were crazy but we didn’t care! So much fun!





Before we knew it the house was full, family and friends were pouring in, we talked, ate, drank and drank some more. Bethany fell asleep on the sofa amongst it all at 10pm, but we kept rocking and finally fell into bed with smiles on our faces and our hearts warmed at 3am…a perfect welcome back, we couldn’t have asked for more. It was so amazing to see everyone, so wonderfully kind of Lynn to open her home to us all and let us create some amazing memories.



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