August 28, 2013

UK Trip 2013 – Town & Country

When we finally woke up the next morning we were feeling happy and ready for the day ahead.

Kindly we had been given a car to use by our good friends Michel and Galina, which meant we had freedom! We packed up our bags, we were to spend the next three nights at Margaret and Peters house (my parents). Before that though we had some retail itches to scratch and headed over to the nearest retail park. In New Zealand we have retail parks very similar to the UK ones, except you have maybe 10 different stores and not 50!!

An absolute MUST was to go to Next. Anyone who is from the UK will know about Next! However, maybe because of feeling so overwhelmed by it all, it wasn’t as amazing as I hoped. Maybe the last 6 years had changed my style, or maybe I was officially ‘clean’ from the drug that is Next. So with disappointment rife we left, and headed to Toys R Us where the excitement really picked up!

Bethany truly couldn’t believe it, as we walked in we told her the store was only toys, and she just about passed out! She literally ran and jumped through the aisles – very cute. We left with one super happy girl and a massive Fur Real horse that we had to work out how to get in the suitcase!!!



On the way to my parents we had one other place we just had to go. We have talked with Bethany many times about the supermarket with an escalator – Tesco! Of course this was something we were used to, shopping here, the upstairs downstairs thing, but I think we had also forgotten the extremity of it all. Literally hundreds of rows of anything and everything you could ever want. I needed some moisturiser and there were 30 different kinds! We wandered a little, grabbed a few bits and left – again a little overwhelmed!



Onwards to Lord and Lady Lee’s house!!!

We had a beautiful few days, it was so lovely to be back at the house I adored and with my wonderful parents.



We had fun playing games, catching up, wandering around the stunningly simple grounds of where they live…looking out over the vast fields and at the wildlife. It made my heart melt and it was great to be back in the beauty of the English countryside. Heading out for an explore we visited the Orangery and the little hidden walled secret garden, which gave Bethany a chance to do some modelling.














Despite being in the deep English countryside it was really cute to see a New Zealand Pukeko twirling away in the wind in the garden, fluttering his legs at the excitement of no doubt what was going to be a few amazing days!


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