September 16, 2013

UK Trip 2013 – York

Grandma and Grandad had mentioned we head to York for the day, steeped in history we decided it would be absolutely ideal. A lovely drive through some old country villages we finally arrived to an overcast but very lovely York.



After some wandering we decided first stop was some lunch, we found the most quaint little pub and sat in the lovely open fired room with the typically low beamed ceilings, and enjoyed some food before heading off to enjoy the day further.




Onwards we went to wander through town, over cobbled streets and found our way to the York Wheel. It was quite an interesting sight as we hadn’t seen this before, it was originally erected within the National Railway Museum and then moved to this site in York in 2011.

It’s a shame that it will actually be closing September 2013 due to locals rejecting the wheel and calling it a disturbance. Such a shame as we thought it actually complemented the city well, bringing in extra tourists that the city so needs and it does look utterly pretty through the park.


We had fun at the wheel, it was quite windy making those afraid of heights extra nervous (me!). We hopped in and off it went, stopping at the top. Sadly I was beside myself with worry and we couldn’t hear the commentary that was running because the whistling wind was so loud, the little pod was swinging back and forth and as we headed back down I pressed the little ‘let me out’ button!!! I hopped out and the others enjoyed another three times round getting to see the wonderful buildings and views over York whilst I sat on the bench below waving to them each time – I am such a softy!





Afterwards we headed into town, we stopped off at a few shops before arriving at our next activity for the day – The Jorvik Viking Centre (photo below from their website).


I had been with my parents when I was a little girl and remember the mystery and wonder that the centre held. As soon as we stepped through the doors the excited anticipation grew. Bethany seemed to be excited, even more so when travelled around the Viking-age city of Jorvik aboard the state of the art time capsule! We encountered the old-Norse speaking citizens, saw inside their houses and back yards, experienced a blast of smoke from blacksmith’s furnace and enjoyed the smell of home-cooked stew inside the home of the amber worker – it was very awesome!!




The day had been wonderful, we had intentions of heading into the Yorkshire Museum, but spared Bethany the boredom and wandered the lovely gardens and grounds instead with an ice cream in hand. We stopped off to admire the grounds of the old St Marys Abbey and met some very friendly squirrels!






Such a lovely day out, seeing the beautiful York and its amazing history was lovely, and getting to spend valuable time with Grandma and Grandad made it even more special.

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