September 22, 2013

UK Trip 2013 – Mick Foley

Have you a bucket list?

I have one and have numerous things on my list, most of them are meeting people who have influenced my life one way or another. Mid 90’s I started watching wrestling, the WWE (WWF at that time) came into my life and it never left. I have been told by my parents that my Great Grandmother loved the wrestling and would often get herself worked up over what was happening on screen, usually hitting the TV with her handbag!

I adore all wrestling stands for, it’s powerful professional magic.

Social media can be an absolute blessing when it comes to finding out information that you wouldn’t normally find so easily yourself. A few months before leaving NZ I was looking through the Facebook page of one of my all time idols and I saw tour dates, and I not only did I see tour dates but I also saw the name of a town right near where we would be in the UK whilst we were visiting! Fate indeed and I snapped up tickets quicker than the three count.

Mick Foley started his career in 1983, but it wasn’t until 1996 when I was first graced with his presence. Transfixed I would watch him week in and week out doing what he did best. You would never see any other man like him, you would never feel the excitement from any other wrestler than what he could generate. His persona, his total being was electric to watch. He had the most amazing career, some of the most mind boggling things have been created by Mick and his wrestling personas. He will forever live on in my life for giving me some of the best TV memories ever.

And so it was to be – I was going to meet Mick Foley! The man who I had watched on TV for all those years was going to be right there in front of me and I was going to be able to meet him…super swoon!!!!!

Mick Foley retired from wrestling and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013, amongst being a dedicated family man he is writer (10 published books), an actor and a stand up comedian, and is also passionately involved personally on the ground in many charities. However show night tonight was to see him hit the stage as a comedian, making fun and telling stories of all those years at the WWE…I seriously couldn’t wait – this was going to be utterly amazing.

Of course I needed someone to share my admiration with, you would think the husband would be first choice but no, my first thought was with the other love of my life, Helen. It was going to be the best night ever, hotel was booked nearby the event – a night with the woman I love like no other and getting to meet Mick…wow!!!!

The hotel was simple with a lovely motorway view (!) but we couldn’t give a flying fish monkey, life was as awesome as it was ever going to get! Nervously I got ready, I was so crazily excited!!!




As we arrived at the venue we were a little unsure of what to do, feeling a little out of place all dressed up, we seriously were the hottest females there and surrounded by cute little geeky guys with their wrestling t-shirts on! We were second row and the show began, first a warm up comedian who was actually really good, at one point he wanted to play a little game of ‘who came the furthest’, and as he asked the question my hand shot up in front of the 500 people – move back people I had this one! I proudly announced to everyone that I was from New Zealand…trumping his game and his further jokes…at least it meant we got to see Mick sooner!

And then it happened…his theme music hit (his WWE entrance music) and then there right in front of me was Mick Foley. Like a surreal dream he walked onto the stage, the crowd was chanting, I was mesmerised and totally in love – Foley definitely is God (watch the promo video above to know what I mean by this!).

The show was amazing, he made us laugh, cringe and wince, stories we hadn’t heard before, accounts of his years working so damn hard. He tried so hard to make everyone laugh, and naughtily picked on those that didn’t. Maybe he didn’t realise that some of us were actually so interested in listening to his stories that it was hard to take on a joke, it wasn’t because he wasn’t funny – it was because Mick Foley is standing right there sharing stories with us!!

After the show those who purchased the ‘meet and greet’ tickets were asked to stay behind and get ready to meet Mick. With trembling hands I pulled out my book – one written by Mick in 2003 – called Tietam Brown, I so hoped he would sign it for me.

Mick did announce before we did the meet and greet that he wasn’t keen on being touched – I was actually quite devastated, would have loved to have ran onto stage and given him a big bear cuddle. I could understand him not wanting to bump hips with the geeks but surely he could have cuddled us ladies. Considering there was all of about 5 of us we would have appreciated it after being surrounded by the testosterone filled air and deep breathing of all the excited men.





And then it was over – I even dropped in that I had come all the way from New Zealand to see him which he said was a little extreme and laughed, of course he had an allotted time to speak to everyone so I didn’t get to have the chat I would have so loved – oh I could have rambled on all night! With my signed book in hand we left…watching jealously as others entered the stage and get their items signed. Wow. I had just come so close the most amazing man ever – jeeez I just met Mick Foley!!!!!

Helen and I headed into the town, we downed some drinks and reminisced about the time we met Mick. Ah happy times.

We headed back to the hotel and had the most gorgeous night, watching TV, eating and chatting. I missed this girl with every breath I took, she is my other half and as I fell asleep next to her I was so content, I knew life was more magical than I could have ever imagined.


Thank you Mick Foley. For you it might have been one night in one little town you will never visit again, but your presence and memories have stretched over the oceans and will be with me forever.

Never doubt what impact you can have on someone’s life as you are bucket list material.

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