October 17, 2013

UK Trip 2013 – Whitby

It was time for Michael and I to go our separate ways and spend time with our friends, and so whilst Helen and I went and met Mick Foley, Michael took off to Blackpool where he spent two nights with the boys and all I can say is what happened in Blackpool stayed in Blackpool!!

Bethany was staying with my parents and they had a great time together. Grandma and Grandad spoilt her massively, one night taking her to see the stage show Walking With Dinosaurs!



For my second night away I was in for a real treat. I was being taken to Whitby, an absolute beautiful seaside town situated on the east coast of Yorkshire. Over the years we had many visits when we lived in the UK, it’s a couple of hours away from where we used to live, and is just utterly stunning, mixing together history and modern living and of course known for being home to Dracula in parts of Bram Stokers famous book!

This weekend however I was to be shown the way of the Goth’s and be part of the very famous Whitby Gothic Weekend. Now in its 19th year I had heard so many things about it over the years, seen photos on the news and been in awe of how amazing it looked. And not just for Goths – for punks, steampunks, emos, bikers, metallers and anyone from any genre who loved alternative lifestyles. My gorgeous girl Helen and her partner in crime Nick planned a lovely weekend, and I was so excited!

We arrived just before lunch to a very sunny Whitby. Our accommodation for the next few nights was lovely, we had great views and it was immaculate.



From the window I could see people dressed in the most amazing outfits – some of the clothes that people wore as they went past were breathtaking and so we headed out into the town to see more of what was going on. Whitby was just as beautiful as I had always remembered it – however this weekend sporting a spiced up theme and I loved seeing all the outrageously beautiful people. We headed into the markets and browsed for hours at all the cool stuff then headed back to get ready for the night ahead.













Back at the apartment there were outfits, wedge boots and hair colour everywhere! Look at Nick and Helen – how wonderfully gorgeous are they!?


Eager we headed into the night, we stopped off to see some friends and then took a wander to a club that had a Burlesque show happening.

In the club everyone around us was dressed any way they wanted, some in the most dramatic outfits and some even in fancy dress costumes. It was the most magical transvestite, transsexual, gay, fetish, emo, steampunk, Goth event I have ever seen… and it was amazing!!! If you want to see more photos of the way people were dressed that day you can here.

The feeling in the club was wonderful, everyone was there to have a good time, no-one judged anyone else for how they looked or who they were, we were all together being who we wanted to be. For the first time EVER in a club I felt comfortable and relaxed and we danced the night away (and anyone who knows me knows I don’t dance!).


It was a magical night – certainly one of the best experiences of my life.

The next morning the sun was again shining, and I woke to a text to say that Michael had again got into bed at 5am!!! Sounded like Michael was making the most of his time away!

We were up early as Helen and I had a 6 hour drive ahead of us! We wanted our kids to join us in Whitby to enjoy what we were enjoying so that meant we had to drive all the way back to where we lived, we had to drive to Helen’s mams house to collect her kids and then to my parents house to collect Bethany and then all the way back again! Despite the 6 hour round trip we had a great time nattering and looking out at the beautiful English countryside. Michael was driving up from Blackpool and was also coming to join us for the night – we might have all been shattered but we were going to make the most of it!

All reunited we chilled for a little bit before heading into town again to take the kids to the arcades. We had so much fun! It’s amazing how addictive it can get and the buzz from the whole place was so electric – those places make you feel like you are in another world. The kids had a great time (as did we) and we wandered the town some more before heading back with a takeaway and chilling out.

Another truly awesome day! It was so lovely to be with Helen and Nick, so natural and lovely, all of us together was a great blend and the kids loved each others company.










The next morning we had breakfast and took a wander out to the beach. The sun was blazing but the wind was blasting its way through Whitby. As we wandered towards the sea we could see a little white creature in the middle of the sandy beach and people were gathering. As we got closer we saw it was a baby seal! The adorable thing had dragged its little body from the shelter of the sea wall all the way towards the water (and the rate it was moving meant it must have been on for hours) but against its luck the tide was going out!

Helen called the coastguard and he almost seemed annoyed at yet another call about the seal on the beach, but that was great to hear that people cared enough to call and we were told to just leave it alone. The poor little darling just had to carry on with its journey and we hoped its mother would come back for it.





We had a lovely wander along the beach, then back up into town where we went and had some yummy lunch.










It was time to say goodbye, it was a magical weekend, so many new experiences and memories. I knew I would see Helen again in a few days but that didn’t stop me missing her instantly. Sometimes you wish moments could just go on and on forever, my time with her on this weekend was one of these moments.

Thanks guys for the most wonderful weekend that I will never forget, we will definitely do it all again one day!

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