November 18, 2013

UK Trip 2013 – Reunited

Social media can be the best tool if used correctly, it can help you learn, understand and discuss things you never would normally. It can help you stay in touch and it can help you share your life with others. It can also be absolutely amazing when it comes to finding and being reconnected to those you may not have spoken to for a long time.

A few years ago through the powers of Facebook I was able to find a dear friend who I grew up with and went to school with. It was so lovely learning about the last 20 years and where we each had been and where life had taken us. It was only right that on our trip back I would make time to go and see her – my long lost best childhood friend – Joy.

Growing up we were often inseparable. We lived in the same little village and I could see Joy’s house from mine. We had so much fun together, and we had a great childhood growing up in the countryside. We adventured, we used to love watching Finger Mouse and I distinctly remember our favourite game being that my parents bed was a boat and we had to rescue all the teddies and furniture to survive!!




And so here it was, the first time to see each other after all those years! I was very excited, and I wasn’t disappointed one bit. It was the most wonderful experience to see her again. She looked just the same but all grown up and so stunningly beautiful! And not only that, she had a baby girl too – who was also gorgeous and seriously the cutest ever!!



A pure highlight of the trip to see Joy and catch up. I wish we could have had more time together, life passes so quickly but with the wonder of social media I don’t feel like we are too distant. I cant wait to see her again one day.

Some people come into your life and never leave, we may have lost touch along the way but we found each other again and we will always have that special bond – the bond of some of the most amazing happy childhood memories.

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