November 25, 2013

UK Trip 2013 – Friends

This trip to the UK had been filled with so many amazing memories already, the happiest times being surrounded by those we love dearly – our friends.

We love our life in New Zealand, we will never return to the UK to live and we have some of the most beautiful friendships in NZ, but the connection and love you have for your friends from your ‘old life’ never goes away. They are always in our thoughts and in our hearts and we miss them terribly. Our greatest wish would be to one day win the lottery and fly them all here for the most magnificent holiday ever (or invent a time machine so we could just pop back)!!!

One very special and poignant meet up for Michael was at a friends house, where he got to see someone he hadn’t in a very long time. Back in 2001 Michael went to Ghana on a volunteer project – one of the most amazing experiences of his life ever. There he met some of the most wonderful people and the memories of that time will stay with him forever. It was so lucky for us that Sister Pat was visiting the area whilst we were there and so of course we had to go and see her. It was such a lovely time together and listening to her talk about how she still so tirelessly lives and works in Ghana helping and caring for those who need it. Inspirational beyond words.


We always try to put time aside to see everyone, and we are ALWAYS upset by the lack of time we really get, but so very grateful to see them at all. Thank you to these beautiful people in these photos for making our trip super special, and taking time out to be with us Рwe love you!






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