November 26, 2013

UK Trip 2013 – Eternity

It’s no secret to anyone that my soul mate lives too far away from me, it’s a constant giant pain in my aching heart that we are just so far away from each other all of the time, so this trip this time was so special and we managed to spend as much time as we could and every single second was magical. We hung out, we went out, we had days shopping and we were just us – the darlings of our era, the still so beautifully young and aged yet not faded friends we have always been. We know each other inside out and I can’t imagine my life without her in it. So of course I needed to stay at her home to just be part of the family unit, even if it was just for one night.

With the sun shining I made my way to Helen and Nick’s house, where the sangria was flowing and the beautiful views from her home over the beautiful English countryside were mesmerising. We had such a lovely time together, we played games together, chatted heaps and went out for a walk with their lovely dog Shadow (who reminds me so much of Denver!). Later that night I got to read her two beautiful babies a story before bed and was treated to the most yummiest meal ever. We watched a movie and it was a super chilled out lovely night.


The next day was something we had been planning for years – a matching tattoo!

When you have two very different styles finding something that completely suits you both can be hard and so we were really pleased when a simple Maori twist idea was suggested. So we went with the double twist – which depicts two new shoots growing together, representing the bond of friendship for life, a joining of two people for eternity. Perfect!

After a few fun hours we were done – check out Ten Thirteen Studios on Facebook, Steve and Laura were awesome, such a cool place and would recommend to anyone in the North East area –  they are worth travelling to!! Thanks so much guys – see you again next time!!





People say you only live once – false. You live every single day, and only die once. My every single day not only holds Helen in my mind and heart, but now also inked on my skin forever.

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