September 19, 2010


I was born on the 26th February 2009, sadly I wasn’t treated well and got very scared, luckily the lovely SPCA came and rescued me. A few weeks later I met my humans and they took me home to join their family. I think they are amazing, my humans love me so much and my big brother Denver is really nice to me.

I am a little bit naughty and have chewed a lot of things, but although my humans get a little mad with me I give them my sad eyes and before I know it I am up on the sofa again. I don’t like cats, but I think that’s just because Denver doesn’t. The hoover scares me, as do sweeping brushes or anything with a long handle. People carrying things make me bark.

I like to bark, a lot. In fact even if I hear a bumble bee I will bark. I adore chasing sticks and swimming in the river. I’m not very good at not stepping in my own poo, oh and I cant reach my bottom because I am a little fat.

In my spare time I like to chase anything that has a light on it. I have a tag that says ‘It wasn’t me’. Not sure why.

I like to sit on top of Denver. My humans have said its because I have some Boxer in me and they do that. I have the sweetest nature ever, I am really obedient and would never leave my humans side.

I am very lucky and I love my life very much.

My favourite moments since my humans found me?

  • Coming home for the first time was lovely, but a little scary as Denver was so big. But he loved me and we had a great time from the very beginning – Welcome Bailey Dawes!
  • I did a pee on the carpet once in the shape of New Zealand…don’t know why my humans didn’t appreciate it – check out my effort on Settling In.
  • Our kitchen bin always smells so nice, I like to know whats inside. My humans don’t like that either, they made a video of the mess – Naughty Puppy.
  • We go on some really nice walks, I like it best when I can run off the lead – my favourite walk ever was Boulder Hill.
  • Oh yeah, I did a funny thing once and ate a golf ball, and a large stone. This isn’t one of my favourite moments but I thought I should mention it. I had to have surgery and my humans cried a lot. But when I got home they let me sleep in their bedroom with them which was my favourite bit. See what I did here on The Golf Ball & The Stone.
  • Birthdays are fun as we get wear human clothes, play pass the parcel, chase balloons and eat dog food cake…yum. This was my favourite birthday ever – Birthday Boys!
  • My humans decorated our kennel which was nice, and I love spending time with them when they have a BBQ as bits might fall on the floor that I can eat. Here you can see me sitting on Denver – Slightly Summery.
  • But my favourite time was enjoying all the snow we have had – I had LOADS of fun. See what I mean here – Snow!

So many more lovely moments to be had. I probably won’t chew anything else or eat golf balls but I can’t be certain. Off to bark now…




















































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