April 5, 2009



Well I was going to start with my age but as I’m the oldest in the house I’ll skip that bit…

I work in IT in Wellington and that’s where the geeky conversation ends! Nerd

For fun I throw myself off my mountain bike, shoot stuff with my shotgun, box and of course enjoy NZ wines and beers. Often.  Usually daily.  In fact, I’m probably drinking while you’re reading this.

My favourite moments since being in New Zealand?

  • It started with me having the awesome idea to start a blog – see our first ever post way back in 2007 called Blog MK II.
  • In our rented house down in Wellington we used to have real problems with mice, some even cheeky enough to jump on your dinner plate whilst you were eating! I being the cool creator that I am would spend some time trying to catch these little beasties – check out this post called There. Is. A. Mouse. On. My. Pizza!!! for all the fun.
  • Anything with the words ‘meat’ and ‘BBQ’ deserve a post – A Meating Place.
  • Oh and no meat or BBQ would be any good without some or a lot of these – check out What’s In Your Fridge? to see what I mean!
  • And of course after drinking all that I was brave enough to join in on Movember – check out my mo at Remember Remember The End Of Movember!
  • Because we are really cool and stuff we featured in another magazine, very proud moment for me this one – see It Ticks All The Right Boxes to know what I mean.
  • Crusty Demons in Welly, awesome night – Crusty Demons!
  • Along with throwing myself off the Auckland Harbour Bridge back in 2005, I consider doing crazy stuff like I consider having a beer, done job. So latest was a trip along Gravity Canyon, check out that day at this post called Gravity Canyon Flying Fox!
  • Nothing better a decent road trip on your motorbike…headed to Taupo for a few days with some mates – bloody awesome – Road Trip.
  • In between all the fun and fantastic life I do have to be serious and go to work. One of my most memorable work stories will be helping out after the awful Christchurch Earthquakes. Like many other people there was no hesitation I just needed to get there and help – you can see my stories of that time on the posts Doing My Bit and Christchurch: The Others.
  • In 2012 I decided to rediscover myself, created some life health goals and was determined to reach these – and I did – Goals Aren’t Met, They Are Smashed.

Alright, time to go top up that drink…






















































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