April 5, 2009



I am 33 years old (eeek!) and a full time Student / Executive Director of the Dawes household!

I am currently doing a Science degree majoring in Sustainability…not bad for a blondie I think!

Life is fantastic, New Zealand is the most amazing place. It’s so easy to feel like you are on holiday here all the time, everything and everyone is so laid back. I have made some of the most wonderful friends here who I adore very much.

My main interest is wine…

I also like tattoos, changing my hair colour every day, listening to music, photography, gardening and food. Especially the food Kiss

Life is all about what you make of it, be happy, make someone smile once a day and be inspirational, even if it is just to yourself.

My favourite moments since being in New Zealand?

Oh I have soooo many! Every time I write a blog post its because that moment was special. Many many wonderful times to think of, and with over 600 posts on this blog each one is as special as the next….but here are maybe the ones the most memorable…

  • The first ever blog post I wrote was very special and quite an unfamiliar experience. I wasn’t sure I was going to like this blogging thing, but as you can see it’s one of my favourite hobbies now! I particularly love this first post as it looked back over our journey to New Zealand to start our new life – it’s called A Journey Back In Time…September.
  • Skype has been the biggest and most amazing piece of technology to ever enter our life, without it this journey would have been a whole lot harder for sure. Bethany still has her chats on Skype to the family and still loves a good bedtime story – this wonderful routine introduced way back when we first moved here which you can see in this post called Night Night, Bethany.
  • Friends have been a massive influence in my life here, some of my most hilarious memories are from time with just the girls. My long time best buddies Jo, Susan and Jo came into my life just a few months after we moved here – they are always known as the The Tuesday Ladies. When we moved house we met our lovely neighbours and have since become firm friends, almost like we have known each other forever – Alina and her family are very special to us, this post called Summer, Summer, Summertime was one of many of our times together. Meeting other expats through various activities with our children brought my dear friend Annemieke and her family into our lives. Some people come and go, and although we live quite a distance apart we see each other as much as we can – this post called Getting It Right At Last makes me smile. Also through the powers of the blog we have met other gorgeous people – in the space of a few months we had new people who were planning a move to NZ come and stay with us. First was Craig – Meet Craig! Then came Alan – Meet Alan! Then came Rich – Meet Richard! Also on the same theme of friends – wonderful birthday parties with them all, my two most favourite (which just makes me laugh so much each time I see the video) – out with all the girls – I’m 29…Lets Party!! and this wonderful fancy dress party – Thirty.
  • Then there are the lovely holidays we have had – going up to Mt Ruapehu with Grandma was fantastic, three lovely posts to look back on called Magical Mt Ruapehu: Part One, Magical Mt Ruapehu: Part Two, Magical Mt Ruapehu: Finale! and going to Taupo – Taupo: Part One and Taupo: Part Two. But by absolute far best was our trip to the Marlborough Sounds where we stayed in the most gorgeous 5 star location, swam with dolphins and just had the most stunning time ever. Read about that and see our photos here at these posts: Discovering Marlborough: Part One, Discovering Marlborough: Part Two, Discovering Marlborough: Finale.
  • Another one of my most favourite times here in NZ and probably my best ever New Year was when a whole group of us went camping…awesome fun. You can see those videos here by viewing New Year Camping Trip: Part One!, New Year Camping Trip: Part Two! and New Year Camping Trip: Finale!.

OK so better wrap it up, I could go on and on and on, family who visited, other holidays, getting Denver and Bailey, moving house, summer time, Kindergarten and school fun, trip back to UK….it’s all amazing. I LOVE who we are, what we have achieved and if you haven’t guessed it yet the blog is the proof of our pride. Enjoy.

Mwah! xx





































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