April 5, 2009


I am 9 and an aspriring model. I like pink and purple and love animals so much.

Denver is my big brother, Bailey is my little brother, they are funny and can run really fast, there is also my rabbits, called Enzed and Milo, they sleep in my room overnight, and I also have two fish, called Scooby and Bubble. My family live in England and I miss them but we talk all the time on Skype, I love them very much.

I like to eat pizza and cake. I like to try and train animals. My favourite things to do are to hang out with my besties, go to the beach, listen to music, spend time with my pets, and volunteer at the SPCA. My bedroom is bright pink, and I am obsessed with Spongebob Squarepants!!

I am happy, I am healthy and I really love my life in New Zealand Panda

My favourite moments since arriving in New Zealand?

  • Meeting Hi 5 back in April 2007. I got to sit and have a photograph and talk to them for ages. To have a look at a moment I will never forget please check out this post called 1, 2, 3, 4…Hi 5!
  • I enjoyed turning 4. I had an amazing birthday which was held at Te Papa in Story Place. I had all my friends there and had heaps of fun, read about it at 4th Birthday Celebrations!
  • Getting Denver my little brother has been brilliant fun, he makes me laugh so much, he licks my face and gives me cuddles. I love him and remember the day we went and got him – Denver Dawes – The Rescue Pup.
  • I love it when my Grandparents visit – my Grandad came and visited us and I loved it, read that story called Grandad’s Here! My Grandma has been loads – read this story called Grandma: Is Here! to learn about her latest visit. And my Grandma and Grandad had a lovely time when they were here last and we went on holiday to Kaikoura and saw Dolphins, it was amazing – you can read about the fun at Dawes Family In Te Wai Pounamu.
  • When we got Bailey I was sooo excited, he was a tiny puppy – see Welcome Bailey Dawes! to see him!
  • I also love Christmas, Santa is very nice to me. He brings lots of gifts, Mam said it must be because I am good. I enjoyed this Christmas again as we went to the beach – see our 5 year Christmas called The 5th Christmas to see what I mean about how I like the beach.
  • And my latest bestest moments was going to England to see my family. We went for a long time and we did lots and lots of things. Here are the pages for the trip back if you want to read them. The Journey, The Birthday Surprise, Family and Friends, The Yurts, Going The Distance, Flamingo Land, Centre Parcs, Lord & Lady Lee, The Wedding, White Scar Caves, and Coming Home.

I also have so many lovely other memories and I talk about them all the time with everyone, especially at school when its ‘news time’. Everything is so much fun…time for an ice cream.






















































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