April 5, 2009



I was born on the 6th February 2008, sadly my parents could not look after me so I was given to the SPCA. A week later I met my humans and they took me home to join their family. They are just the best, they give me tummy rubs, treats and they cuddle me all of the time.

I like to eat things, not my humans stuff but the toys they give me. I can rip apart any toy and turn it into many bits, I have heard my humans say that the ‘tough toys’ from the pet store can’t stop me. It’s fun.

I love our garden, I hate cats. I like to poo wherever I feel like in our garden, my humans tried to train me to go in one spot, but I wasn’t having any of that. I have a love hate relationship with the vacuum cleaner, it drives me mad so I teach it a lesson and try to eat it. The hose thing sucks my fur and makes me bark.

In my spare time I like to sit on the sofa between my humans, drool, slobber, and sleep.

I am very lucky and I love my life.

My favourite moments since my humans found me?

  • Obviously getting me from the SPCA was lovely – Denver Dawes – The Rescue Pup.
  • I liked that my humans took me to dog school apparently to learn something, but really all I just wanted was to sniff bottoms – Graduation Day.
  • My humans stuck up for me too when someone said nasty things because of my breed – you can read about all the drama on these posts That Dog Smell, Enough Already, and Better Than Good.
  • I also like it when my humans just talk about how cool I am – Denver.
  • My birthdays have been woofingly awesome! I am nearly 4 years old now and have had three great birthdays with my humans, I love them. See how much fun I had on my first birthday – Denver Turns One!
  • Getting my little brother was OK I suppose. He smells funny most of the time and slobbers a lot. He also chews things and that causes my humans to get a little mad. He is also quite fat which annoys me because he takes up my bed space. But we have the most fun, I love play fighting with him. He sits on top of me which is odd but I don’t mind. My humans have written about him a few times – they read it to me sometimes – Welcome Bailey Dawes! This post called Gnawty Dog is my favourite cos every time he did stuff I got a treat and belly rubs!
  • I love going on holiday, my favourite is with my humans – Castlepoint is my favourite place, look at all the fun we had here on Castlepoint Trip. BUT my most favourite is going to the kennels, I LOVE it there – I can jump and bark and run and dance and poo lots – Homelands Kennels & Cattery.
  • Finally I love my humans, I love them so much. I especially love my big little sister Bethany. We play together and she makes me laugh. She likes it when I play ‘long dog’. I sleep with her too every night on her bed – I like to make sure she is safe. See what I mean here – Beware Of The Dog.

Right got some scratching to do so I’m off…
















































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